B I O G R A P H I E     R U D O L F     K U N Z E

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    21. Sept. 1925

  1947 - 1953
    Born in Munich,
  childhood in Nuremberg.

  At 14 his first pencil drawings
  and water colours, naturalistic
  depictions of landscapes,
  still life, portraits.

  Study under auspice of
  Prof. Griebel at the
  Nuremberg Academy
  of Arts in Ellingen




  Move to Paris and lengthy
  stay in south of France.
  Works as free-lance artist.
  Intense exploration of contemporary art.

  Return to Germany, firstly
  to Neuburg, shortly afterward
  to Munich.

  Exhibitions in the Oswald Malura Gallery
  in Munich. Increasing abstraction
  and reduction of form.

  Withdrawal from art scene.
  Professional work as graphic designer.
  Continuing art activity but not in the public eye.

  Sudden death due to heart attack.